Health Improvement Plan Logo

I created this logo in college at Central Washington University as a class project but it was designed for a real program as Stanford. One logo from the class was selected to be used, but unfortunately it wasn’t mine. However, I still feel that this is a strong logo and I am proud of it. The Health Improvement Program (HIP) is a program that Stanford offers to their employees. By offering free health and exercise classes, they hope to have happier employees who live sustainable healthy lifestyles. I brainstormed many ideas but the concept that I stuck with was one of a Bonsai Tree. Bonsai Trees are grown in Japan as an art form. They are intended for long-term cultivation and are shaped and trimmed as they grow. Just as the Bonsai Tree is slowly shaped, HIP slowly shapes the lives of Stanford employees into healthy ones. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, it is a gradual change. I displayed the bonsai tree in various different ways but ultimately ended up showing it as negative space in an imperfect circle. I chose to use an imperfect circle to reflect the natural aspect of a tree and of health.

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