Ware Fair Event Branding

This project was done while I was in college at Central Washington University working at the campus Publicity Center. Ware Fair is a holiday arts and crafts festival that takes place on campus. Vendors from around the state come to sell their wares to the students and local community. I worked with the department who put on this event to create all the marketing materials which included posters, postcards, handbills, nametags, advertisements, and sandwich boards. They wanted a vintage Christmas look without looking too much like Christmas. I got my inspiration for these ferns covered with pinecones and birds from vintage Christmas cards. The illustrations and color scheme give the feeling of winter without being specifically Christmas. I drew the original artwork by hand and then recreated it in Adobe Illustrator. From the original vectorized drawing, I reorganized the ferns in different ways to fit all the different sizes of the marketing materials.

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