I grew up looking at Mary Engelbreit illustrations. My mom loved her and had her calendars, greeting cards, and home decor items. As a kid I was highly influenced by Mary—specifically her patterns, flowers, and typography. As I grew up my illustration style evolved into more of my own, but she really provided me with my foundation as an illustrator. 
My two favorite artists are Margaret Kilgallen and Shepard Fairey. I love the detail in Shepard’s work and the messages his work sends. I just melt over Margaret ‘s work and her thoughts on being perfect is so true to my own thinking: “In my own work I do everything by hand. My hand will always be imperfect, because it’s human.  If I spend a lot of time going over the line and over the line trying to make it straight, I will never be able to make it straight. You can always see the line waiver, and I think that’s where the beauty is.” 
I start my illustrations with paper and pencil, scan them, and then redraw them in Adobe Illustrator with brushes. I occasionally use shapes or the pen tool to redraw them, but as Margaret said, I think it’s beautiful when you see that a human made something.
I like being funny and even a little weird with my illustrations. I’m interested in illustrating children’s books and working with brands who are making a positive impact in the world.
Thank you!
Location: South Bend, Washington
Schooling: BFA Central Washington University, 2013
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